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Helping The Elderly With Hygiene

Posted by Deb Spinelli on 9/17/2015
Maintaining proper hygiene is important at any age, but in the elderly any sudden or gradual changes in personal hygiene can be a sign of social withdrawal, depression, or other illness. On a related note, how well your loved one maintains household cleanliness can also be indicative of problems in these areas, as well as a general decline in physical ability.

It is only natural that completing routine household tasks such as cleaning and laundry will become more problematic with age. Personal hygiene can also begin to suffer as we age. However, good personal and household hygiene is essential to an elderly person's health and well being. Bathing regularly, wearing clean clothes, and maintaining a reasonably clean living environment are all important to an older person's sense of independence and overall well being. If your elderly loved one begins to show signs of decline in these areas, however, there are some things you can do to help.

Volunteer Your Time
Perhaps your elderly loved one is not keeping up with the laundry because lifting those heavy wet clothes from the washer and placing them into the dryer has become difficult. Offer to help out one or two days a week with common household tasks like laundry and light cleaning.

Hire A Professional
If your busy work schedule does not allow you time to help out with cleaning or laundry, consider hiring a service to come in once or twice a week to assist your elderly loved one with these tasks. Ask your loved one's healthcare provider or local senior center for recommendations or the names of affordable, effective caregiver assistive services to help with these tasks. These professionals can also help with personal care tasks, such as bathing and hair washing.

Make Hygiene Easy
Sometimes simplifying personal hygiene and household cleaning tasks is all it takes to get your elderly loved one back on track. Visit The Medical Maven for a variety of products to assist your loved one with daily tasks. Are there dishes piling up in the sink? Suggest that your elderly loved one switch to paper plates and plastic forks to make after-meal clean up a cinch. The Medical Maven carries Solo Paper Dinner Plates and Fork Elite Individually Wrapped cutlery to avoid the hassle of doing the dishes. If personal hygiene is an issue, consider DermaRite 3-N-1 Cleaning Foam for a simple no-rinse bathing alternative.

Statement: Sometimes a few simple changes are all that's required to help the elderly with hygiene.

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