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Proper Wound Care Tips After Surgery

Posted by Deb Spinelli on 6/30/2015
Surgery is performed to alleviate some particular issue but post-operative care can sometimes lead to skin issues. With seniors in particular, infection and complications that may arise after surgery can be equally as dangerous as the surgery itself. With that said, it is always important to take appropriate steps to ensure incision and post-operative wounds are taken care of properly.

Typically, one of three methods are used to close an incision after surgery.
  • Surgical glue
  • Stitches
  • Staples
Regardless of the closure method, it is important that the incision is cared for in a sterile and thorough manner as this will offer the best outcomes for a minimally complicated recovery. At TheMedicalMaven.com, we have just what you need to ensure a patient or loved one's post-operative incision is healthy.

The Benefits of Proper Incision Care

While preventing infection is of utmost importance when considering post-operative wound care, there are other benefits of proper care as well. When it comes to scarring, properly caring for a post-operative wound can really help the skin achieve its best possible outcome, allowing for the minimization of surgery scars.

Good wound care practices can also help to make the recovery process more comfortable as an incision that is a properly cleaned will be less likely to cause pain, itching, or any other type of discomfort that comes along with the healing process. As the skin is allowed to heal and regenerate in a healthy fashion, not only will scarring be minimized, but comfort will be maximized as well.

At TheMedicalMaven.com, we have all of the supplies you need to care for a patient or loved one's post-operative incision wounds from gauze and wound fillings to cleaning supplies like DermaKlenz Wound Cleanser. No matter what type of surgical wound or pressure ulcer that is present, the right supplies can make proper care much easier. So if you're looking for the best supplies to make for an easy and comfortable recovery, simply check us out at TheMedicalMaven.com today!


If you are caring for a post-operative wound, the best supplies can translate to the best care.

Posted in: Elderly Care