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Tips For Successful Aging

Posted by Deb Spinelli on 11/3/2015
We all age. It's one of life's inescapable realities. However, there is quite a bit of difference between aging and aging well. We've all heard the phrase “aging gracefully.” However, it is equally important that we aim to age successfully. There are many aspects to successful aging.
  • Recognize physical changes. It is important to recognize and acknowledge, rather than deny, the physiological changes that occur naturally with age. Nearly every organ in the body undergoes change as a result of aging. Some of these changes can affect seniors' health and lifestyle. However, being able to differentiate normal changes associated with aging from serious health concerns is the best way to ensure that the latter are treated promptly.
  • Maintain social and psychological support systems. There are a variety of social and psychological issues that are common in the elderly. However, depression and loneliness, two of the most often-cited “realities” of senior psychosocial health, are not inevitable facets of aging. By maintaining a strong social support system and a positive outlook, seniors can age without giving in to depression or loneliness. There are a variety of support organizations available to help seniors who are depressed recover fully.
  • Lead a healthy lifestyle. These days, this one seems like obvious advice. However, the importance of a balanced diet and regular exercise to healthy aging cannot be overstated. Both factors are consistently linked to better overall health in seniors. Sure, appetite, taste buds, and activity level all change with age, but it is possible to accommodate these changes without sacrificing one's health. By working closely with your physician on things like proper nutrition and a safe, effective exercise routine, you can continue to lead a healthy lifestyle regardless of age.
In addition to friends, family, and your healthcare providers, The Medical Maven can also become an important part of your support team as you embark on a project of successful aging. The Medical Maven is a great place to stock up on everything you need to ensure your health and nutrition, all of it just a mouse click away!

Posted in: Elderly Care