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Mask N95

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The Particulate Respiratory DE2322 is designed to help provide respiratory protection for the user. This product has a filter efficiency of 95% or greater against solid and liquid aerosols. 
This product contains no components made from natural rubber latex.

User instructions
  1. Suitable for protecting the mouth, nose and chin to airborne particles and block liquid aerosols.
  2. For adults only.
  3. Do not wash.
  4. Store in a cool, dry, clean place away from fire and contamination.
  5. Store between -20C and 38C (-4F and 100F) with relative humidity below 80%.
  6. Expiration date: 2 years after production.
Wearing Instructions
  1. Unfold the mask and hold it with both hands, with the metallic strip facing up.
  2. Place elastic bands around the neck and head respectively. Put the mask against your face covering both nose and mouth.
  3. Adjust the metallic strip cover the bridge of the nose using two fingers 
  4. Perform a fit check according to instructions.
Fit Check
  1. Place both hands over mask
  2. Take a deep breath and hold your breathe for a few seconds, making sure the mask collapses inward as you inhale.
  3. Then exhale and hold your breathe for a few seconds, making sure the mask bulges outward as you exhale.
  4. If air leaks, reposition the elastic bands for a better fit . Follow steps 1-3 again until a tight seal has been achieved.
  5. Masks that have passed the fit check are now safe to use.
  6. Facial hair or other facial features may prevent the mask from achieving a proper fit . If a tight seal is not achievable, please DO NOT use the mask.
  7. If you experience difficulty breathing, dizziness, or other symptoms, leave the contaminated area immediately.


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