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Setopress High Compression Bandage

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Molnlycke Health Care
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10cm x 3.5m
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Setopress is a high compression bandage that provides graduated high compression in the management of venous leg ulcers. Benefits of Setopress
Provides effective high compression1
Allows for 2 different levels of compression
Easy-to-use application technique
Long enough for even the largest limbs
Thin enough to be worn with shoes to
encourage mobility
Washable for repeated use How Setopress works
Setopress is a lightweight high compression bandage.
To ensure correct application, a simple visual guide is
permanently printed on the bandage. The visual guide
consists of color rectangles which become squares
when the correct extension is reached. Extending the
Brown rectangles to squares provides 40mmHg at
the ankle. Extending the Green rectangles to squares
provides 30mmHg at the ankle.
If a patient is not accustomed to compression therapy
or finds it difficult to comply, moderate compression
may be used initially. When applied correctly, Setopress
high compression bandages produce a level of compression
that has been shown to heal even long-standing leg ulcers
within 12 weeks.

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