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Tempa-Dot Single Use Thermometers

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Tempa·DOT thermometers are accurate, convenient, versatile and economical body temperature measuring devices. Clinically accurate oral body temperature can be obtained in 60 seconds and axillary temperatures in three minutes. Tempa·DOT thermometers use a dot sensor matrix consisting of temperature-sensitive indicating dots. Each dot changes color from tan to blue at a specific temperature relative to the melting point of the specific chemical mixture of the dot. Each dot changes color at a temperature of 0.2°F or 0.1°C higher than the preceding dot. Body temperature is read from a numerical temperature scale. Tempa·DOT thermometers are sensitive to environmental temperature - see storage conditions.

Single-use thermometer is sterile and individually wrapped to reduce risk of cross-transmission of microorganisms and to reduce risk of additional hospital stay related to health care-associated infection.
Provides consistently accurate temperature readings for reliable patient assessment.
Easy to read and simple to understand.
Versatile thermometer can be used to take oral or axilla temperatures, provides a fast reading in 60 seconds for oral temperature, and allows you to check other patient vital signs simultaneously with temperature taking.
Disposable to eliminate time and labor spent on disinfection, recalibration, recharging and repair of electronic and tympanic units, and eliminate expense and risk associated with toxic mercury cleanup and disposal.
No risk of toxic mercury exposure makes this thermometer a nontoxic and safe choice for patients of all ages.

Suggested Application:
Measuring oral or axillary body temperature
For applications where sterility or infection control are primary issues
For single use only

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