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Updraft II Opti-Neb Nebulizer with Tee

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Designed to be a universal nebulizer, the Up-Draft II gives you added flexibility in flow rates, delivering quality aerosols at flows ranging from 5 to 9 lpm and making it a popular choice for many facilities looking to consolidate options into one high-performance product. 
  • Nebulizes at angles up to 45° to accommodate special treatment requirements
  • Produces fine, dense particles for effective therapy
  • Easy-seal, threaded cap and 8 cc capacity jar
  • Anti-spill design prevents loss of medication in any position
  • Jet stays in place unless intentionally removed
  • Available with standard or universal tubing connector
  • Recommended flow rate: 5 to 9 lpm
Included: Tee, Mouthpiece, Reservoir, 7ft-tubing, Standard connector

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