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Chair Monitoring System

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The Protech™ alarm system helps to reduce the risk of falls by monitoring patients in either their bed or chair.  When the patient sits or lays down on the sensor pad, the system is activated and an audible tone is sounded.  As the patient moves from the bed or chair, the alarm sounds alerting the caregiver that the patient is attempting to move and can lead to a potential fall hazard.  The combination of the alarm and either a bed or chair sensor pad completes the kit allowing the caregiver to monitor the patient.


  • Auto-Reset Functionality; when the patient sits or lays back down, the alarm will reset
  • Monitor is always on, making it impossible for caregiver to forget
  • Strain relief tab helps protect the sensor pad cable and connector
  • Snap-to-close battery cover also has a screw for increased tamper resistance
  • Comes with an unbreakable stainless steel mounting clip
  • Requires single 9V battery
  • Low Battery light will flash when battery needs replacement
  • Bed kits include a bed mounting bracket
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