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Pitcher with Translucent Lid Gray

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Pitcher w/Straw Port, Translucent Lid H222 Series
•Restructured handle design allows easier one-handed pouring.
•New base rim and inner lid lip design offer a more secure and leak resistant seal.
•Structural reinforcement and design of handle reduces flexing when pitcher is full of water/ice.
•Texture on handle and outer rim of base offers easy grip surfaces.
•Frosted "Patient Info" window on outside wall of pitcher base. New H222 Series Lid
•New "straw port in top of lid"
•Secure leak resistant lid and spout can rotate into alternate positions to facilitate "left handed or right handed" pouring
•Flat top design allows stacking of assembled units
•"E-Z tabs" on outer rim of lid assists in removing lid from base to facilitate easier re-filling of water and ice The material used for all the above plastic products is polypropylene unless otherwise indicated.

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