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Fora GD20 High and Low Control Solutions

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FORA control solutions contain a known amount of glucose that reacts with test strips. By comparing your control solution test results with the expected range printed on the test strip vial label, it is able to check that the meter and the test
strips are working together as a system and that you are performing the test correctly. It is very important that you do this simple check routinely to make sure
you get accurate results. Use only FORA control solutions.
Check the expiration date on the control solution vial. Do not use if expired.
Control solution, meter, and test strips should come to room temperature 68 to 77°F(20 to 25°C) before testing.
Shake the vial, discard the first drop of control solution, and wipe off the dispenser tip to ensure a good sample and an accurate result.
Use only for 90 days after first opening. Record the discard date (date opened plus 90 days) on the control solution vial. Discard after 90 days.
Store the control solution tightly closed at temperatures 36 to 86°F (2 to 30°C).
Do not freeze.
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