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Microdot Control Solution

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Cambridge Sensors
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A blood glucose testing system designed to provide long-term care facilities and individuals with consistent and accurate results, as well as convenience, speed, and safety.
Increased safety.
•Strip eject button eliminates handling of used test strips, increasing infection control and minimizing the risk of cross-contamination.
•Four individual, programmable alarms alert staff when to test and warn of any potential hypoglycemic conditions.
Fast, time-saving results.
•Provides accurate results in only 10 seconds.
•Reduces testing time for patients and staff.
Clinically accurate.
•Common interfering substances do not compromise test results.1
•Automatic fill check; meter beeps and runs only if enough blood is added in the right place.
Greater convenience.
•Requires only 0.6µL sample, reducing pain for patient.
•Simple coding process.
•Bottom-of-the-meter strip insertion for easier sample application.
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