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Making Your Bathroom Safer for Older Adults
Posted by Deb Spinelli on February 26, 2021
Did you know that 80% of falls among seniors occur in the bathroom? If you are caring for an elderly relative in a home setting, it is essential to safety-proof the bathroom(s) to avoid falls or other related injuries. In addition to safety, comfort is another important consideration when redesigning your bathroom to accommodate an older loved one.

From wet floors to difficulty in accessing bathtubs or showers, the bathroom can be a daunting place for seniors. Installing bath or shower rails will make getting in and out of the tub or shower much easier, and a non-skid bath mat will provide traction on the shower floor.

Consider investing in a bath seat as well. After all, everyone loves a long, hot shower! But not too hot! A bath thermometer will allow you to monitor bath temperature to avoid water that is uncomfortably hot (or cold).

Even if your elderly relative can no longer stand for long periods without assistance, a bath chair with a comfortable back will ensure that he or she can still enjoy a nice soothing shower.

The Medical Maven carries a comfortable, affordable bath seat. The tool-free back attachment option means that it can be easily used with or without the back-rest and the quality plastic construction makes it easy to clean.

Consider installing railing(s) near the toilet to enable your loved one to use the bathroom with minimal assistance. (After all, maintaining a sense of independence is crucial to an aging person's sense of self-worth and dignity.)

By making a few simple changes to an existing bathroom, you can make it fall safe and comfortable. The Medial Maven offers a variety of products for bathroom safety. Adding a few simple, senior friendly amenities to the bathroom will go a long way toward preventing falls or other injuries in the bathroom.

Statement: Add simple amenities to the bathroom to make it safer and more comfortable for seniors.

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