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Take the Embarrassment Out of Incontinence
Posted by Deb Spinelli on January 6, 2021
Fecal incontinence, either occasional or chronic, affects between 10 to 20 percent of the population. Some causes of fecal/bowel incontinence include nerve or muscle damage, rectal cancer, or rectal prolapse.

Urinary incontinence is far more prevalent. Over half of all seniors experience occasional or chronic urinary incontinence. Some causes of urinary continence include prostate enlargement or prostate cancer in men and can be caused by menopause, childbirth, or urinary tract infections in women.

These types of incontinence need not limit a person's activities. The wide array of products available to manage fecal and urinary incontinence makes it possible to live a full, active life regardless.

Bladder control pads are the perfect solution for light or mild urinary incontinence. With a comfortable fit and added absorbency, these pads fit snugly inside a regular undergarment. The super-absorbent polymer construction prevents leakage while controlling odors.

For more serious cases of urinary incontinence, try a full brief. The Medical Maven offers the Wings Choice Plus Quilted Brief or the Per-Fit brief which are both comfortable and discrete disposable undergarments that allow ease of movement without any fear of embarrassing leaks or odors. These briefs are also appropriate for fecal incontinence.

For peace of mind while you sleep, try our Simplicity Overnight Plus Pads or our Overnight Prevail Pant Liner. Both are designed to be worn beneath a regular undergarment or special knit pants and are super-absorbent to prevent fluid leakage and wetness. The super-absorbent polymer construction also prevents odors. A convenient wetness sensor lets you know when the pads needs to be changed and the adhesive patches allow for a personalized fit.

Incontinence is nothing to be embarrassed about and with the right products, your loved one's condition can be extremely discreet. You can browse The Medial Maven's full selection of incontinence products by visiting our website. Don't let fecal or urinary incontinence stop you from doing the things you love!

Statement: Fecal or urinary incontinence can be easily managed with a few effective and affordable products.

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