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Senior Approved Fitness Exercises to Improve Strength and Balance

Posted by Deb Spinelli on 6/23/2015
Keeping fit is important for people of all ages but for older adults, proper fitness routines can mean the difference between a more independent lifestyle and frequent emergency medical needs. Senior approved fitness and exercise is a great way to strengthen the bones, muscles, and mind and there are several types of exercises in which seniors can participate if they are looking to make the most of their golden years!

Exercises for All Seniors

The exercises that may best benefit seniors will differ from the exercises that may best benefit younger individuals. When it comes to seniors, you’re looking for exercises that focus on things like mobility, balance training, and strength training, as these will build the body in a strong and healthy way to minimize injury and maximize quality of life.

A few exercises that can really benefit seniors looking to get fit are:
  • Walking – Starting a walking routine by doing short distances while working your way up to longer ones. This is a great way to work on building muscle, balance, and endurance all at once. A leisurely stroll once per day for as little as 10-15 minutes while working your way up to 30 minutes can make a huge positive impact on the body.
  • Swimming – Swimming or water aerobics exercises can really give seniors with existing balance problems a way to get fit while staying safe and comfortable. These types of exercises really work out the entire body all at once and they are the gentlest on joints and bones when it comes to discomfort.
  • Yoga – Yoga programs made especially for seniors are a great idea for those looking to gain better flexibility and balance as muscles will also be built and toned in the process. Through yoga, older individuals will also learn proper breathing and posture as they practice poses catered to their individual needs.
At TheMedicalMaven.com, we want to help seniors and their caregivers to work effectively at fitness, health, and maximum independence. To learn more about senior fitness, or to see what we have in stock by way of senior nutrition or fitness needs, simply check us out at TheMedicalMaven.com today.


Fitness is universally important, but the positive impact is really felt by the senior community!

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